Celebration of Jaegwon Kim – tomorrow!

Brown’s “Celebration of Jaegwon Kim” starts tomorrow and ends Saturday. The lineup of speakers looks great.  There should be a nice group of Brown philosophy alumni there, too.

  • Friday, 26 September
    • 2.00pm: Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts): Reduction Redux: Why Kim Has Not Solved the Generalization Problem
    • 3.30pm: Ned Block (New York University): Ground vs. Supervenience and Identity in the Metaphysics of Mind
    • 5.30pm: Reception and Buffet Dinner
  • Saturday, 27 September
    • 8.30am: A La Carte Breakfast
    • 9.00am: Allan Gibbard (University of Michigan): Meaning, Properties, and Experience
    • 10.30am: Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers University): The Skewed View From Here
    • 12:00pm: Lunch Break
    • 1.30pm: Alyssa Ney (University of Rochester): Microphysical Causation and the Case for Physicalism
    • 3.00pm: Sydney Shoemaker (Cornell University): Persistence and Properties
    • 4.30pm: Closing Remarks


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